WWl Memorial Nottingham

Nottingham War Memorial                    


In 2018 Nottingham Council, UK, ran a competition for a memorial to the people from the city who died during the Great War. Our proposal represents the idea of the void! The space left over, the memory of place, and the simple form and symbolism of a war grave headstone. Our idea is to take the space which is the void within the existing Nottingham War Memorial and make it a physical form...a positive from the negative.

The three new volumes represent those who have fallen during the first world war on land, sea and air.

Each ‘void’ volume will have an outer skin of Corten weathered steel with the names of those remembered cut through to allow the inner light from within to shine out! The inner frame is an illuminated light-box, all of which will sit on a shallow pool of water to give the impression that these giant volumes are floating.

Each name to be cut through the weathered steel so the soft glowing light from the internal light boxes can shine through, day & night.