sow and pigs

Sow and Pigs                      


Thankfully, time was not called on the Sow and Pigs and in 2015 the building was acquired by local enthusiasts Two Crafty Brewers. In order to continue serving fine local ales to local people, the Two Crafty Brewers began to explore the possibility of re-introducing the brewing of beer on site. We started to look into the feasibility of constructing a microbrewery on the adjacent vacant land.

In order that the amenity of the neighbouring residential property was not compromised, a 45 degree splay from first floor windows, together with a 6m setback from the pavement to allow for deliveries and collections, were two of the major factors in deciding upon the footprint of the proposed brewhouse. A curvilinear plan form was then developed to reflect the functional requirements and aesthetic characteristics of the brewing and fermenting vessels.

The recessed delivery provides viewing opportunities from both the roadside and the new front beer garden and significant views of the interior are also proposed from the rear outside drinking area.

The building form has been developed to respect the scale and size of the existing Sow and Pigs and its’ surroundings whilst positively contributing to the architectural identity of the area. The form of the proposed new brewhouse rejects pastiche in favour of a vigorous and robust aesthetic which reflects the important position that the Black Country holds in the history of the Industrial Revolution.